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Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21

KLIPPEL LIVE is an informative new webinar series as we continue to educate and support loudspeaker designers and manufacturers around the globe. To kick this off, we start with a 15 part series about using the IEC 60268-21 acoustical measurement standard, perfect for anyone working with speakers, headphone and other audio devices. 


This includes practical information regarding:

  • Quickly and accurately measuring in normal, non-anechoic rooms

  • Comprehensive distortion testing

  • Linking physical and perceptual evaluation 

Along the way, we give tips and discuss how to:

  • Interpret measurement results
  • Avoid pitfalls  

At the end of each live webinar, we will answer questions submitted by you, the viewer.


Detailed module comparison chart for IEC Standard 60268-21.

Upcoming Webinar


Part 8: Harmonic Distortion Measurements - Best Practice

The next webinar talks about harmonic distortion in depth including measurement techniques, test stimuli and interpretation.


Date: Wednesday, 10th June 2020

Start at 5:00 pm (Central European Time)


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Section Agenda

  • Overview on methods defined by IEC 20268-21
  • Metrics for harmonic distortion (absolute or relative?)
  • Absolute or relative metrics
  • Measurement according IEC Standard overview of other useful test methods
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Practical demos

Webinar Overview

DateSessionRegistration Replay WebinarHandout中文版讲义
April 22th, 20201. Modern Audio Equipment Needs Output Based Testing                                    closedLink Session 1


课程 1
April 29th, 20202. Standard Acoustical Tests Performed in Normal Rooms closedLinkSession 2


课程 2
May   6th, 20203. Drawing Meaningful Conclusions from 3D Output Measurement closedLinkSession 3


课程 3
May 13th, 2020

4. Simulated Standard Condition at an Evaluation Point 

closedLinkSession 4
May 20th, 20205. Maximum SPL – Giving this Value Meaning closedLinkSession 5
May 27th, 20206. Selecting Measurements with High Diagnostic Value closedLinkSession 6
June 3rd, 20207. Amplitude Compression – Less Output at Higher Amplitudes LinkLinkSession 7
June 10th, 2020

8. Harmonic Distortion Measurements – Best Practice 

LinkComing soon
June 17th, 20209. Intermodulation Distortion – Music is More than a Single Tone Coming soonComing soon
Coming soon10. Impulsive distortion - Rub&Buzz, Abnormal Behavior, Defects Coming soonComing soon
Coming soon11. Benchmarking of Audio Products Under Standard ConditionsComing soonComing soon
Coming soon12. Auralization of Signal Distortion – Perceptual Evaluation Coming soonComing soon
Coming soon13. Setting Meaningful Tolerances for Signal Distortion Coming soonComing soon
Coming soon14. Rating the Maximum SPL Value for a Product Coming soonComing soon
Coming soon15. Smart Speaker Testing with Wireless Audio Input Coming soonComing soon