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A New R&D Module - Multi-Tone Measurement

New module: MTON

In order to provide dedicated tools for standard-compliant audio testing, KLIPPEL released a new software module: Multi-tone Measurement (MTON) for lab applications.

The Multi-Tone Measurement (MTON) is a versatile tool for the R&D engineer that helps find the operation limits of your audio product related to mechanical and thermal compression as well as multi-tone distortion headroom. Iterative, stepped measurements protected by clear thresholds automatically pinpoint the SPLmax according to IEC 60268-21 as well as continuous max SPL (ANSI/CEA-2010-B & 2034). The well-defined multi-tone stimulus can be exported (WAV) and it provides standard and custom spectral weighting functions to match the characteristics of the target program material for meaningful specs that meet the requirements of your product’s target application.

Related Specification and Application Notes are:

More information can be found on our Multi-Tone Measurement (MTON) webpage.

Monday, 2020-07-13 14:09 Age: 1 Years