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Three-day Lecture by Prof. Wolfgang Klippel

Sound Quality of Audio Systems - Modeling, Measurement & Control

General Information 

Dates: March 11th - 13th, 2019
Location: Technical University Dresden, Germany
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel
Language: English

Registration Fee: 360 Euro (VAT included)
Free of charge for students and university staff!

Contact: Please contact Jasmin for any further questions

Who should join?
The lecture is highly recommended for students and teachers of the electro-acoustics as well as for engineers of the audio industry active in research & development, manufacturing, quality control.


Key Topics

Benefit from the over 30 years of fundamental research by Prof. Dr. Klippel and apply this gained knowledge to your own field of work to improve the way you design and/ or manufacture your loudspeaker.

  • comprehensive assessment of audio systems
  • physical measurement and preceptional evaluation
  • root cause analysis of signal distortion
  • designing green speakers - providing more output with higher efficiency and lower cost
  • active control of electro-acoustical transducers


Tutorials will be offered on Monday and Tuesday from 16:00 - 17:00.

Attendees may choose one option per day. Notification of subscription will be sent out at the end of February by Jasmin. Content subject to changes!

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