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Online Training

KLIPPEL E-Learning - Fundamentals

The Klippel online training courses are developed for anyone who wants to learn more about loudspeaker measurements. We aim to provide basic knowledge of loudspeaker modeling, measurement techniques, and practical experiences to help learners interpret their measurement results correctly.

We offer hands-on training courses with an introduction to the fundamentals of loudspeaker measurements, practical exercises, movies, examples, and a multiple-choice test. These online courses provide great learning material for students of the Electro-Acoustics as well as for KLIPPEL Analyze System users.

Select your KLIPPEL E-Learning! They are available in different languages.

KLIPPEL E-Learning - Specific KLIPPEL Products

The product tutorials are developed for anyone who wants to learn more about specific KLIPPEL products. We provide overviews of our products and practical demonstrations on measuring, operating, and handling tips. 


The tutorials provide a quick overview of the KLIPPEL QC solution in general and in particular an introduction to the different versions of KLIPPEL QC Software.

Overview of the KLIPPEL QC System

Overview of the KLIPPEL QC Standard Software

Practical Demonstration of the KLIPPEL QC Standard

The tutorials show a quick overview of the practical demonstration of QC Standard. The different parts show

  • an introduction to the operator testing of KLIPPEL QC,
  • creating and managing test sequences, as well as accessing the hardware configuration and calibration, and
  • managing the calculated limits and measuring reference DUTs for production testing.


Operating Testing

Test Setup

Limit Setup

Multi-Tone Measurement

The tutorial shows an overview of the principle of multi-tone measurement and it introduces our sister modules for R&D applications (MTON module) and End-of-Line testing (MTD task). It shows practical demonstrations for typical measurements and that all distortions (HD, IMD, Rub&Buzz) are available by a single measurement.


KLIPPEL demonstration of Multi-Tone Measurement - MTON & QC MTD

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