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Klippel E-Learning - free of charge!

We offer hands-on training courses with an introduction to the fundamentals of loudspeaker measurements, practical exercises, movies, examples and multiple-choice test. These online courses provide great learning material for students of the Electro-Acoustics as well as for KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM users.

Klippel Training in English
Klippel Training in Simplified Chinese
Klippel Training in Traditional Chinese

The following training sessions will be released step by step during the next months:
#1 Linear Lumped Parameter Measurement
#2 Vibration and Radiation Behavior of Loudspeakers Membrane
#3 Loudspeaker Nonlinearities
#4 Loudspeaker Distortion Measurements
#5 Predicting the Nonlinear Loudspeaker Behavior
#6 Auralization
#7 Micro-speaker
#8 Measurement of Loudspeaker Directivity

Trainings in Dresden/Germany

We offer intensive trainings and short introductions on using KLIPPEL measurement systems.
The trainings will be adapted to your knowledge level and can be presented either in English or in German.

Local Trainings

Our local distributors offer User Trainings for R&D and QC SYSTEM in your language.
Please contact the distributor for your quotation.
List of KLIPPEL distributors.

Some Examples on Training Topics


Installation and set up
Performing optimal measurements
Interpretation of the results
Loudspeaker diagnostics – finding the cause of distortion
Reliable parameter measurement using laser sensor and vacuum chamber
Evaluating design choices using the simulation module
Cone scanning and vibration analysis
How to measure material parameters
Finding optimal suspension parts
Integration of FEA and BEA
Tips and tricks in dB-lab Software
Working with Automation interface
Report generation
Fixing systematic rub and buzz and other defects


Optimal set up for your device under test.
Creation of templates
Getting meaningful PASS/FAIL limit
Working with golden reference units
Increasing the yield rate by loudspeaker diagnostics and process control
Introduction to process statistics
Dealing with ambient noise
Performing ultra-fast measurements
Working with remote configuration