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Live Audio Analyzer (LAA)

Features and Benefits

  • Long-term monitoring
  • Active and passive systems
  • Assesses heating and aging
  • Distortion measurement with music
  • Physical and perceptual evaluation

To evaluate the performance of active and passive audio systems under normal operating conditions, the Live Audio Analyzer (LAA) can monitor up to 5 signals simultaneously, and examine both time and frequency data. Using arbitrary audio signals, such as music or speech, as well as dedicated test signals (multi-tone, chirp, single/two tone), critical applications can be identified and analysed. The LAA monitors terminal voltage, input current, voice coil displacement, as well as sound pressure output.
Employing adaptive modelling, the time-varying properties (such as heat or visco-elastic changes) can be captured, as well regular and irregular distortion isolated. Thus, triggers using both monitored state signal, as well as distortion measures, help to store only parts of interest. In addition, the impacts and causes of distortion effects can be identified and auralized.


Klippel Analyzer 3 Hardware

Power Amplifier
Laser (optional, for displacement monitoring)
Microphone (optional, for sound pressure monitoring)
• PC

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