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TRF Voltage Stepping (STEP)

Features and Benefits

  • Incremental voltage stepping of any TRF applications
  • Automatic generation of TRF Batches
  • Root cause analysis of Rub & Buzz and other defects
  • Equivalent Input Harmonic Distortion (EIHD)
  • Limit check for rating Umax and SPLmax according to IEC 60268-21


The Transfer Function Pro (TRF Pro) measurement is providing a sensitive analysis of impulsive distortion such as clicks and Rub & Buzz effects. However, these irregular distortion appear at a certain input level and require successive measurements by an advanced user.

The TRF Voltage Stepping simplifies this measurement procedure. The module automatically increases the input voltage until a specific symptom is detected. This can be for example an Impulsive Distortion threshold (Rub & Buzz) or a certain level of the regular harmonic distortion to rate Umax and SPLmax according to IEC 60268-21.


In addition, the TRF Voltage Stepping module can link and create additional operations automatically for a detailed root cause analysis of the Rub & Buzz defects. Critical measurements can be investigated using a Time-Frequency-Analysis (TFA) or can be analyzed perceptively with the Audio Player (PLAY).



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