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Information about Production Analyzer net price

Promotion Production Analyzer

We are pleased to announce that we are reducing the price for our Production Analyzer (PA). 
The net price for the PA2 has been reduced from 4.200,00 to 3.300,00 Euro per unit.

For special applications (Headphone Testing, Micro-speaker Testing), the measuring range of the PA device can be adjusted. 
For this there is the High Sensitivity or the Very High Sensitivity modification.  As usual, we recommend sending in Klippel measurement devices, including the PA, every two years to Klippel or a distributor equipped for calibration. 
Please note that modifications and calibrations are subjects to a fee. When purchasing a PA, we recommend the Klippel QC software (Standard or Basic, the version QC6 is currently being delivered) and appropriate measurement microphones for production line testing.

Here an example package with the new PA2 price and a potential QC total package: 

Products Net price per unit, EXW    
Production Analyzer (PA2)3.300,00€
QC6 Standard3.300,00€
Mic 255 IEPE Set1.000,00€
Optional ambient noise monitoring
Mic 40PP IEPE Set

Amplifier (e.g. PLX 1802)1.300,00€


Optional total



Our sales team will be at your disposal to help you and find the best solution for you. For further questions, please contact our sales team via E-Mail: sales(at)klippel(dot)de

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