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Virtual Taste of ALTI-Expo

Klippel at the virtual ALTI-Expo

A Virtual Taste of ALTI-Expo – June 15, 2021

One days of free online seminars and papers to get a taste of the in-person main event in October 24 & 25, 2021.

East Time Pacific Time Title Presenter CompanyLength 
11 am8 amMultiphysics Simulation of a Low Frequency Horn Loudspeacker Alfred Svobodnik and J. HippersonMvoid (Svobodnik)
Funktion One (Hipperson)
60 min
1 pm 10 amTBA TBA Resonado 60 min

3 pm 


Loudspeaker Work-Bench Measurement

Simon Steiner 


30 min

5 pm 2 pm Making Sense of All The Noise-ANC Headset Testng Jacob SoendergaardHead Acoustics 60 min

Register for each webinar individually HERE! More information on the official ALTI website.

Tuesday, 2021-06-01 12:53 Age: 56 Days